Spanish Championships Beach 2019

We had an amazing time, as always in Castelldefels, just outside of Barcelona, for the Spanish Beach championships. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to defend our title from last year, due to some untimely injuries and poor play in our quarterfinal vs Quijotes from Madrid, but no it is always a pleasure to share the fieldContinue reading “Spanish Championships Beach 2019”

Sabe a Mixta 2019

This tournament took place Feb 23-24, 2019 in Valencia, Spain. I played with the Spanish Mixed Masters National team. We had a great tournament coming in 5th place overal, and the top masters team there. After beating the 2015 world champions in the 5th place game, we decided to pose for a picture: Congrats toContinue reading “Sabe a Mixta 2019”

XeQueBo 2018 – Valencia, Spain

Before Tourney: Three day weekend, can’t wait to hit the sand and throw some plastic around! It’ll be the first high level tournament I’ve played since Worlds in July. I’m playing with Sabotage in the Men’s division. During Tourney: After Tourney: We had an amazing time! It was my first time playing with many ofContinue reading “XeQueBo 2018 – Valencia, Spain”

Laredo Beach Cup

Last weekend in Laredo, Cantabria we played in the first annual (can you say first annual?) Laredo Beach Cup. It took place on one of the longest beaches I’ve ever been to, which I was reminded of when we parked on the other end of it. Unfortunately, my team, Corocotta, couldn’t make the trip. Instead,Continue reading “Laredo Beach Cup”

Spanish Beach Championships in Valencia – Men’s/Women’s divisions

On Saturday, after work I hop in a car and drive six hours to Valencia, Spain, where the Spanish Championships of Beach Ultimate will be taking place. I will join my teammates who hopefully will already have won a few games :). You can follow all the action live at Largest Spanish Beach NationalsContinue reading “Spanish Beach Championships in Valencia – Men’s/Women’s divisions”