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Easter in Berlin
For the first time in a long time we took a non-frisbee related trip to the beautiful city of Berlin.
EBUC 2019 – Live Streams
Videos from 2EBUC 2019 European Beach Ultimate Championships Spain Mixed Master. #EBUC2019 #ESP #MMIX
EBUC 2019 – European Beach Ultimate Championships
EBUC 2019 European Beach Ultimate Championships Spain Mixed Master. #EBUC2019 #ESP #MMIX
Fruits of our Labor
One of our favorite things about our new house is the small backyard we have, including a small area of
Spanish Championships Beach 2019
We had an amazing time, as always in Castelldefels, just outside of Barcelona, for the Spanish Beach championships. Unfortunately, we
Why Picking a perfect bracket is absurd
If you ask Google the odds of picking a perfect March Madness bracket, you'll be shown: This video explains why
Dr. Sand Mr. Grass 2019
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain March 15-17, 2019 Our team: Winds 'n Roses Spirit Champs! Full results can be found on
International Women’s Day in Bilbao
Last Friday was International Women's Day, and there is no place that does it bigger than Bilbao. One of the
Sabe a Mixta 2019
This tournament took place Feb 23-24, 2019 in Valencia, Spain. I played with the Spanish Mixed Masters National team. We
The Frisbee Swing
Back in my younger days, I used to be crazy. Well, maybe I still am. I came across this video