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10 min of Yoga

Have you found yourself sitting at home in front of the computer more than usual during this pandemic? I would image for most people, including myself, the answer is unfortunately yes. That being said, I’ve got a nice 10 min yoga session designed for people who’ve been doing too much sitting.

The entire session took just over 10 min, but it’s been time-lapsed to one minute and six seconds for your viewing pleasure. Check it out!

Music credit goes to Ali Farka ToureĢ, with Cinquante Six. Here’s the full track, if you like what you hear.

BIG props to my wonderful partner who has been working with me, our frisbee team, and countless other people keeping us motivated and active during these trying times. You’re the best!

Stay healthy, this will all be over soon. Let’s learn something from this, and develop healthier habits at home, and incorporate them into our lives once we return to normalcy.

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