Podcast: Inside the Grand Meetup

Have you ever wondered what happens inside the Grand Meetup? What is a Grand Meetup, or better known as, the GM? The GM, is the one time a year the company I work for comes together, in person. We’re a distributed company, meaning we all work from home, from all over the world. This isContinue reading “Podcast: Inside the Grand Meetup”

I’m officially an Automattician!

As some of you may know, I’m proud to say, I started a new job at Automattic last month! It’s been a time of change in my life, to say the least. New job, new house, and of course, an updated blog!¬† Yeah, that’s right, Automattic is a distributed company with 775 Automatticians in 67Continue reading “I’m officially an Automattician!”