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New keyboard – Keychron K2

This just arrived today.

As much time as I spend using one, I’ve been looking to move into the world of mechanical keyboards for a while now. As a mac user with a Spanish ISO keyboard layout, after a fair amount of research, the above option seemed to be the best for me. It’s been here for 15 min and I’m already happy with it. That clickity-clackity sound is back. ❤

I decided to do a quick speed test to see how it went. I’m still not used to all the keys and they didn’t actually have a Spanish ISO layout. Instead, I bought a Nordic ISO layout as it was the closest I could find. I’m going on pure memory for most the character keys until I buy the Spanish key-caps. Here are the initial speed test results:

I’ll have to do this test again in a month or so to see how much I can improve once I get used to it!

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What does it take to be a Happiness Engineer?

It has been officially more than two years since I started my trial to be a Happiness Engineer for Automattic. I can honestly say that it was one of the most challenging, and rewarding journeys I have ever embarked on. I’m very pleased with how everything has turned out, and still, after two years, look forward to going to work and helping our users every day!

The motivation for this post is we’re hiring! If you or anybody you know is interested, my advice is to apply! If you’re curios more about what the job entails, my colleague Sandy wrote a great description on his blog. I would highly recommend checking it out!

D0n’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or doubts!

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Ways to Optimize Your Business Website

We all know we are living in trying times currently. My heart goes out to anybody and everybody who, for whatever reason, is unable to work currently. Some of the hardest hit individuals are small businesses. We try to buy local as much as possible, but currently, that isn’t exactly possible.

I don’t know if this can help anyone, but two of my colleagues presented a one-hour online workshop called Optimize Your Business Website: Secrets from Web Design Pros. If you’re looking to create a Business website, I would highly recommend checking it out!

As some of you already know, I have recently switched roles with Automattic, moving from to the WooCommerce division. That means I am working directly with eCommerce sites. If anybody is looking for any help getting their small business site up and running, let me know, and I’ll do what I can! I say that not as an official work capacity, and not looking to sell any services, just trying to help someone in need.

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Working on Christmas Eve, could be worse!

When you chose to work on Christmas Eve, it could be worse! Thanks to being a remote worker, and some nice Christmas weather, this was my work spot for a few hours.

Photo taken at the Playa de Azkorri, Basque Country, Spain. Also posted to Automattic’s Office Today blog, which inspired me to post here as well.

Alright, back to work!

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Podcast: Inside the Grand Meetup

Have you ever wondered what happens inside the Grand Meetup?

What is a Grand Meetup, or better known as, the GM?

The GM, is the one time a year the company I work for comes together, in person. We’re a distributed company, meaning we all work from home, from all over the world.

This is a deep dive into what the GM is all about, with staff interviews and insights.

You can see my Flash Talk from last year’s GM here, and read more about the event on the Distributed Podcast’s official website.

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What does working remotely mean to me?

I am proud to say that I work remotely for a company called Automattic, a company that prides itself on being distributed across the globe. I love my work for many different reasons, but in a nutshell, because I get to do something I enjoy from essentially anywhere I want to do it from.

Working remotely allows me to pack up my laptop and hit the road. I’ve been lucky enough to work from a number of different exotic locations, and I’ve even blogged about it here. Now, I’m embarking on a new journey that will really put these remote working skills to the test.