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New keyboard – Keychron K2

This just arrived today.

As much time as I spend using one, I’ve been looking to move into the world of mechanical keyboards for a while now. As a mac user with a Spanish ISO keyboard layout, after a fair amount of research, the above option seemed to be the best for me. It’s been here for 15 min and I’m already happy with it. That clickity-clackity sound is back. ❤

I decided to do a quick speed test to see how it went. I’m still not used to all the keys and they didn’t actually have a Spanish ISO layout. Instead, I bought a Nordic ISO layout as it was the closest I could find. I’m going on pure memory for most the character keys until I buy the Spanish key-caps. Here are the initial speed test results:

I’ll have to do this test again in a month or so to see how much I can improve once I get used to it!