International Women’s Day in Bilbao

Last Friday was International Women’s Day, and there is no place that does it bigger than Bilbao. One of the things that I love about this place is how socially active everyone is. There are many causes that people hit the streets for: ensuring pensions don’t disappear, labor rights, and on this day, women’s rights.Continue reading “International Women’s Day in Bilbao”

Local “Pelota Mano” (Handball) Championships

We recently had the pleasure of attending the local “Pelota Mano”, or “Handball” championships. Now this isn’t like the Handball you watch in the Olympics, this is Basque style handball. It is played on a court similar to Racquetball, but much bigger, and only has two sides. You can read more about the rules fromContinue reading “Local “Pelota Mano” (Handball) Championships”

Snowmageddon Bilbao 2018

I woke up this morning to a surprising, very unexpected white Bilbao! There was talk yesterday about this happening overnight but I distinctly remember saying, “Lo creerĂ© cuando lo vea,” or “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Well, I believe you mother nature, you’re capable of dusting Bilbao with snow. #Snowmageddon #Bilbao #Basquing #paisvasco

2nd annual day after Christmas hike to Pagasarri

  Today we continued a tradition of hiking to #Pagasarri the day after Christmas. The 4 of us made it the 18 km door to door, had a great lunch on top of the mountain and now we're off to dinner! #GoodTimes #ramen — Kyle Sandison (@iTravel4Frisbee) December 26, 2017