Fruits of our Labor

One of our favorite things about our new house is the small backyard we have, including a small area of earth, just big enough for a little vegetable garden. An assortment of goods Carrots Rainbow Chard Lemons Rainbow Chard Special thanks to my mom who helped us plant this winter crop while she was visiting.Continue reading “Fruits of our Labor”

Lubbock, Texas, and the South Plains Fair!

After the wedding, a quick trip to see my family in West Texas was in order. Since I live abroad, I don’t get to see most of my family as much as I’d like. Little ones like my niece and nephew get so big so fast! So why is the fair so famous? Well food,Continue reading “Lubbock, Texas, and the South Plains Fair!”

After Worlds! A whirlwind trip around California in 9 days

It all began in Chicago, in more ways than one. That’s my Great-Grandfather Ned Merriam’s HOF plaque, a 2011 inductee to the¬†University of Chicago Athletics Hall of Fame! After Chicago, we had a planned five hour lay-over in Austin, TX. No, it was no accident, it was to visit my sister! After a quick stop-overContinue reading “After Worlds! A whirlwind trip around California in 9 days”