Long-lost WordPress.com South America Blog

I came across an old blog of mine from 2012. It was short-lived, but documented the two months I spent in Ecuador and Colombia. Who would’ve thought in 2012 that six years later I would start working for WordPress.com!? You never know, but this was my first taste of WordPress.com. I went for a Wedding,Continue reading “Long-lost WordPress.com South America Blog”

After Worlds! A whirlwind trip around California in 9 days

It all began in Chicago, in more ways than one. That’s my Great-Grandfather Ned Merriam’s HOF plaque, a 2011 inductee to the University of Chicago Athletics Hall of Fame! After Chicago, we had a planned five hour lay-over in Austin, TX. No, it was no accident, it was to visit my sister! After a quick stop-overContinue reading “After Worlds! A whirlwind trip around California in 9 days”

WUCC 2018 Cincinnati – World Ultimate Club Championships

Kisumu Frisbee Club Kenya nchi nzuri, Hakuna Matata. 21 players came together in Cincinnati, Ohio to represent Kisumu Frisbee club in the 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships! We brought a team together of 9 players from Kenya, 1 player from Uguanda, 10 players from USA and 1 player from Spain. Six More Kenyan players triedContinue reading “WUCC 2018 Cincinnati – World Ultimate Club Championships”

2018 Men’s division Spanish grass Championships

The weekend of June 30th – July 1st was spend playing in the men’s division of the Spanish Grass championships in Santander, España. I know, there are a lot of Spanish Championships each year, too many, if you ask me, but, that just gives you that many more opportunities to win! The reason there areContinue reading “2018 Men’s division Spanish grass Championships”

Help Get My Kenyan Teammates to Worlds in Cincinnati

There is a group of people who could use your support. The World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC) is taking place in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA / 14 – 21 of July 2018. I am honored and proud to be playing with KFC – Kisumu Frisbee Club, a team based out of Kisumu, Kenya in East Africa.Continue reading “Help Get My Kenyan Teammates to Worlds in Cincinnati”