The Frisbee Swing

Back in my younger days, I used to be crazy. Well, maybe I still am. I came across this video from which brings two of my outdoor passions together: Climbing and Frisbee Yes, that is the famous Alcove Swing on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, with a Frisbee! Now, before some of you ask,Continue reading “The Frisbee Swing”

Local “Pelota Mano” (Handball) Championships

We recently had the pleasure of attending the local “Pelota Mano”, or “Handball” championships. Now this isn’t like the Handball you watch in the Olympics, this is Basque style handball. It is played on a court similar to Racquetball, but much bigger, and only has two sides. You can read more about the rules fromContinue reading “Local “Pelota Mano” (Handball) Championships”

XeQueBo 2018 – Valencia, Spain

Before Tourney: Three day weekend, can’t wait to hit the sand and throw some plastic around! It’ll be the first high level tournament I’ve played since Worlds in July. I’m playing with Sabotage in the Men’s division. During Tourney: After Tourney: We had an amazing time! It was my first time playing with many ofContinue reading “XeQueBo 2018 – Valencia, Spain”

Lubbock, Texas, and the South Plains Fair!

After the wedding, a quick trip to see my family in West Texas was in order. Since I live abroad, I don’t get to see most of my family as much as I’d like. Little ones like my niece and nephew get so big so fast! So why is the fair so famous? Well food,Continue reading “Lubbock, Texas, and the South Plains Fair!”